1 AD in Sri Lanka

Andrew Dey’s Resume

Andrew Dey draws on a broad spectrum of experiences when working with project teams.  He understands the vision, operational requirements and constraints of large organizations, and can integrate them with the “on the ground” realities of construction projects.

While most of the projects on which Andrew Dey has worked have been in New England, he also has experience working internationally.

Andrew recently spent a year living in Berlin, Germany, researching Germany’s “Energiewende,” with a particular focus on renewable energy and building energy efficiency.  The blog that Andrew wrote while living in Germany, www.snapshotsfromberlin.com, contains posts on construction and energy efficiency, as well as on personal activities in Berlin and beyond.

In 2005, Andrew and his wife Annette spent several months doing tsunami relief work in Sri Lanka.  Working with the non-profit organization Norwegian People’s Aid, they planned and oversaw the construction of 260 transitional housing units in three camps for families displaced by the tsunami. The following photos are from their work in Sri Lanka:

In 2012, Andrew provided consulting services for the construction of a chocolate factory in the Caribbean island of Grenada.  Larry Burdick, founder of L.A. Burdick Chocolate, teamed up with cocoa farmers in Grenada to build the factory, which gives cocoa farmers the opportunity to add value to their product before shipping it around the world.  These photos are from Grenada: