Lender’s Agent

Yogurt FactoryBanks and other lending institutions often hire construction consultants to provide professional review and oversight of the projects they are financing.  Andrew Dey Consulting provides such Lender’s Agent services for projects in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.  Projects have included multi-family affordable housing developments, adaptive re-use of urban buildings, commercial build-outs, institutional expansions, and industrial facilities.

The services Andrew Dey Consulting typically provides as a Lender’s Agent include:

  • Review and reporting on project documentation, including plans, specifications, contracts and project schedules, as well as documents relating to permitting, financing and ongoing reporting

  • Periodic site inspections to monitor and document progress, issues, and changes

  • Monthly review and reporting on requisitions, change orders, and project schedule, including supporting documentation such as lien waivers and invoices

  • Review and reporting on punch list, commissioning and project close-out