Recent Projects

Owner Representation

Addison County Transit Resources in Middlebury, VT

ACTR 1ACTR 2New headquarters for award-winning regional transportation provider.  Notable elements included rainwater harvesting for the bus wash system, pellet boilers for heat and hot water, non-toxic/sustainable material choices, and air-source heat pumps for “shoulder season” heating and cooling.  The following document contains additional information about the project’s green/sustainable elements: ACTR Building Green Design Features. Owner’s Representation was provided in partnership with Steve Horton Construction Consulting.

Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA


Construction of new dormitory and connector, plus extensive renovations to existing facility.  As the expanded facility was to be heated by the existing boiler in the main building, air-sealing and insulation were carefully detailed and executed.  Sound attenuation and indoor air quality were also a high priorities at this meditation retreat center.  The work had to be rigorously scheduled so as to minimize disruption to the retreat center’s ongoing operations.

Historic Town Hall, Walpole, NH and Fire Station Building, North Walpole, NH

Walpole Town Hall 1Walpole Town Hall 2

Energy retrofits of two town-owned buildings.  Services included writing a successful grant for RGGI funding, planning the retrofits of both buildings, assembling the team and overseeing the work.

Lender’s Agency

Weidmann Insulating Board Mill in St. Johnsbury, VT

Weidmann 1Weidmann 2

Expansion of existing facility to accommodate a new 80 Ton paper press manufactured in Germany by Siempelkamp.  Due to the size of the press, construction of the new building and installation of the press had to be done simultaneously.  The weight of the press necessitated caisson-type foundations, and the installation itself required very tight tolerances. Lender’s Agent services were provided in collaboration with Rogers Management Inc.

Commonwealth Dairy in Brattleboro, VT

Commonwealth Dairy 1Commonwealth Dairy 2

Construction of new yogurt factory, and subsequent expansion within two years of initial completion.  Project challenges included a fast-tracked schedule, a sloping site, and a high bar with regard to facility cleanliness and hygiene. The facility has an ultraviolet water purification system, and a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system utilizing reverse osmosis and diffuse air flotation (DAF) technologies.   Lender’s Agent services were provided in collaboration with Rogers Management Inc.

Building Evaluations

School Building, Quechee, VT

School 1School 2

Building analysis focused on indoor air quality.  Building also had issues with moisture, durability, and energy usage — a common constellation.

32 Unit Condominium Building, Quincy, MA

Condos 1 Condos 2

An initial evaluation focusing on failing exterior balconies led to investigation of moisture issues. Portions of the building had been clad with an exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) that had been improperly installed.  Extensive remediation required.